25 Years of Innovation in Thin Film Coating

About Plasma Quest

We are a solutions specialist utilizing the revolutionary HiTUS® plasma generation process to enable exceptionally high quality thin film coatings to be deposited at ambient temperature. We offer a bespoke R&D Coating Service, as well as the design and manufacture of sputtering equipment utilizing our technology.


 Plasma Quest Ltd and QuanVerge Inc having secured a substantial contract with the US government to supply a Plasma Quest Ltd advanced plasma coating system for use in materials research, are pleased to announce that the system has been delievered.

Prof. Mike Thwaites, founder and CEO of Plasma Quest Ltd commented ”This is a clear validation of the capabilities of our HiTUS proprietary technology and our equipment’s capabilities, which overcomes many limitations of magnetron sputtering. HiTUS® technology benefits from high target utilization, no feedback control required during reactive sputtering and ability to sputter from thick ferromagnetic targets.”

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What we offer

R&D Coating Service

Our plasma coating experts can tailor an R&D programme to help you solve tomorrow’s problems, today.

Sputter Deposition Equipment

We design and manufacture sputter deposition tools utilizing our unique technology. A retrofitting service is also available.

High Quality Thin Films

Our technology enables material properties that are unachievable using conventional deposition technologies.