S500 Thin Film Sputter Deposition Systems

Tailor made thin film sputter systems that will enable you to deposit next generation coatings.

Based on our well established S500 system, our coating systems will enable 

  • Versatile R&D sputter system for coating development
  • Reliable specialist production system (systems running 24/5)
  • Up to 8″ diameter substrates
  • Custom design substrate holders – e.g. cooling, heating, electrical bias
  • Multi-target configuration, multi-layer deposition and co-sputter support

The S500 thin film sputter system is capable of producing a wide range of semi-conductor, metallic and dielectric coatings at high rate. This system will enable you to deposit world leading coatings using PQL’s patented high density remote plasma technology (see HiTUS). Full automatation results in stable and repeatable depositions with the press of a single button. Well suited to depositing multilayer structures where precise control over numerous deposition variables is essential for the fabrication of multiple thin films with run-to-run consistency. Depending on  users requirements, this sputter system can retain all the flexibility of a research and development tool allowing the user to adjust any deposition parameter throughout the duration of a complete coating. 

The user interface is a single touch screen with multiple tabs for control/viewing of all process and vacuum related variables. A total of 28 deposition parameters are recorded and logged at user defined intervals allowing detailed post deposition analysis of any given process. 

Different configurations of the S500 are also available and each system is tailored to individual customer requirements. For example, a different pumping arrangement, chamber size and substrate/target configuration can easily be accommodated.