Magnetic Media

PQL’s HiTUS process provides substantial improvements in the sputtering of magnetic materials, both from a production and materials point of view:

  • High rate deposition of magnetic materials, including CoFe, NiFe, Co, Fe.
  • Ability to use thick targets – 6mm normally, up to 15mm so far –high target utilisation gives less process down time and reliable run to run performance.
  • Close to bulk material or theoretical ideal.
  • Excellent adhesion deposited onto glass, silicon, oxides, plastics.
  • Low stress films
  • Grain size and thereby magnetic properties control through process modification

Our standard system has been used in multi-target mode to deposit multi-layer GMR films – the capability to repeatedly and reliably deposit identical alternating layers without recourse to thin film monitoring and absence of cross-contamination effects from prior layers has allowed rapid progression of such work.


If you would like to discuss your trial requirements, obtain costing, turnaround times, or for any other questions, we would love to hear from you.