Large Area HiTUS® In-line system (Z600)

The in-line large area HiTUS® system (Z600) has the same useful and unique properties as a PQL standard HiTUS® system

  • Ability to sputter from thick ferromagnetic targets
  • Reactive sputtering without the need for any feedback control system. No racetrack
  • High target utilisation
  • Good stress control
  • Substrate size 620 x 420 mm
  • Heater stage
  • Load lock

Based on patented, flat plasma source. Here the flat plasma is directed onto a planar target 400 x 120 mm.

The in-line large area HiTUS® system (Z600) is a linear system comprising a single load lock (upgradable to two), a heater stage, buffer stage, process stage containing a PQL large area plasma source, and a further buffer stage. The two buffer stages are to allow the substrate to oscillate back and forth through the process stage. Currently, the large area plasma source is limited to a width of 500 mm due to size limitations of the Z600 system. It is envisaged the source width could be greater than 1.5 metres, suitable for both batch and roll – to – roll applications.