About Us

Plasma Quest provides thin film materials and process solutions that cannot be met by current deposition technologies. PQL can be contracted to undertake design services, material trials and under confidentiality agreement be engaged with a client to do thin film material process development.

Access to PQL’s thin film deposition expertise can improve time to market and reduce internal costs while minimising risk by effectively extending the capability of your own R&D resource.

Our primary focus is on using our own technology for the deposition of thin film materials in a variety of applications.

  • Contract R&D – from ‘proving’ trials to full scale process development and production trials
  • Full Remote Plasma System design and build / retrofit service
  • System commissioning, process consultancy and training


If you would like to discuss your trial requirements, obtain costing, turnaround times, or for any other questions, we would love to hear from you.

PQL’s differentiators

  • Wide Range of Materials
    Metals, magnetic materials, TCO, dielectrics, polymers
  • Remotely Generated Plasma
    We have independent control of all process parameters including target voltage and ion current
  • Low Temperature Process
    Low temperature deposition for plastic or other ‘delicate’ substrates
  • Stable High Rate Reactive Process
    Virtual elimination of target poisoning since the surface of the target is uniformly eroded
  • Stress Control
    Due to our unique process we are able to control the stress of growing thin films from compressive through to tensile
  • High Target Utilisation
    Reducing costs and reducing waste
  • High adhesion of coating
    Plasma assist improve adhesion, eliminating the needs for ti-layers
  • Ionised Physical Vapour Deposition
    The high density plasma can ionise a significant fraction of the sputter flux. In conjunction with an electrically biased substrate it can influence the directionality and energy of the arriving ionised material.
  • Thick ferromagnetic targets
    Ability to sputter from thick ferromagnetic targets
  • Substrate plasma-cleaning
    Offering enhanced adhesion performance