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About Plasma Quest

Plasma Quest provides a thin film coating service and sells vacuum sputter deposition equipment using the revolutionary HiTUS technique of Remote Plasma Generation.

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High Performance Coatings for:

Flexible Electronics

Flexible Electronics
Flexible 21 × 39 matrix colour filter element.

Transparent Conducting Oxides
TCOs used for LCD displays.

Large Area Coatings of Alumina
High rate coatings of alumina on glass.

Fully transparent thin film transistors on glass

High Mobility Transparent TFTs
Fully transparent thin film transistors on glass.

Photonics & Precision Optics

Photonics & Precision Optics
Optical filters.

Thin film electroluminescence on glass

Electroluminescence Devices
Thin film electroluminescence on glass.

Barrier layers for use in mobile phone screens

Barrier Layers
Barrier layers for use in mobile phone screens.

Protective & Wear Resistant Coatings

Protective & Wear Resistant Coatings
Drill bits.

Latest Releases

Dr Hayley Brown

Dr Hayley Brown has been awarded her docorate after Plasma Quest sponsored her through an EngD with the University of Surrey. A summary paper of her work on the use of conformal coverage of trenches and 3D structures using remote plasma sputtering and substrate bias can be found here.

What We Offer?

  • Professional ServiceR&D Coating Service

    Tailored for customer applications using our sputter deposition equipment by our plasma coating experts

  • Sputter Deposition EquipmentSputter Deposition Equipment

    PQL offer our unique vacuum sputter deposition tools for sale as stand-alone products

  • High Quality Thin FilmsHigh Quality Thin Films

    PQL can produce material properties unachievable by conventional deposition technologies

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