Large Area HiTUS® In-line system (ILH550)

In summary, PQL large area HiTUS® Inline (ILH550) with:

  • Load-lock system
  • Up to 16″ square substrates
  • High rate, low stress films
  • Fully automatic control
  • Modular layout allows 2 substrates to be simultaneously scanned on opposite side of the target
  • Modular design allows for future web handling upgrade

Another large area configuration is the cylindrical target version of HiTUS®. Here the remote plasma is directed along the long axis of a cylindrical target, up to 1.5 metres in length.

The PQL large area HiTUS® Inline (ILH550) system comprises a single load lock, two buffer stages either side of the process chamber (allowing substrate oscillation). As the target is held vertically, and sputtering takes place uniformly from the whole length of the target, two substrates can pass the targets at the same time, hence doubling the system throughput.

Again, the large area HiTUS® Inline (ILH550) system has all the attributes of the PQL standard technology.